Parliament urges new Finance Minister to fix the country’s economy

New Finance Minister, Sheku Fatamadi Bangura

By Jariatu S. Bangura

Members of Parliament have on Friday, January 13th,urged the newly approved Minister of Finance,Sheku Fatamadi Bangura, to inject new ideas and  address the current economic situation of the country. 

The Sierra Leone economy is currently nothing good to write home about with high inflation rate, coupled with the exponential rise in the prices of basic commodities compounded by high exchange rate. The Bank Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone had made a confessional statement that he cannot fix the economy and called on the public to pray for divine intervention.

Speaking in the Well of Parliament, Deputy Leader of Government Business, Hon. Bashiru Silikie, said the new minister has rose from the ranks of deputy minister 2 to deputy minister 1 and now a substantive minister, which means that the President was preparing him for the ministerial position.

He said the new minister has seen and felt the challenges and weaknesses of his predecessors; therefore he should make way to implement the changes that his predecessors failed to do.

He said parliamentarians have made several recommendations through him whilst he was serving as deputy over the years, and that he was unable to address them because of his position then, but now that he is the man in charge he should do the needful and not disappoint the nation and its people.

He said the challenge of the economy; the cost of living and inflation in the state are extreme burden on the people and reiterated that he should bring in new ideas that will help address the situation.

He noted that it is barely four months to elections and that it is but necessary to address the economic situation using his experience.

Hon. Mark Mahmoud Kalokoh commended the new minister, stating that he has all it takes to get to the new position and that he should not disappoint citizens.

He said the new minister will hopefully move the economy of the country to the expectations of the people.

Hon. Rolan F. Kargbo said all nominees should note that much was expected of them especially on their output after being approved by Parliament. 

He said their appointment in offices was meant to help the President to address the economic challenges faced by the people and also add value to the socioeconomic state of the country and globally.

He called on the nominees in the road sector and also the new Finance Minister to pay keen attention to the roads along Karene district, which was not mentioned with any funds allocated for it in the just approved 2023 budget. 

The other nominees include: Ing. Alfred Jalil Momodu-Deputy Director General of the Sierra Leone Roads Authority, Ing. Jacob Lahai-Tarlowoh- Board Member at Road Maintenance Fund Administration and Edward M. Kpakra-Board Member at the Independent Peace Commission respectively.


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