Parliament urges Dr.Williete James to rejuvenate SLBC


By Jariatu S. Bangura

Parliament has unanimously approved Dr. Williete P.R.O. James as Chairperson of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Board.

Following her approval, Hon. Bashiru Silikie, Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament, issued a stern warning about the state of the institution.

He described SLBC as a “land of corruption” and urged Dr. James to address the pervasive issue.

Hon. Silikie recalled how  the SLBC  was previously embroiled in corrupt activities that have not been adequately addressed.

He lamented that the institution’s reputation has significantly deteriorated, leading to a decline in viewership, particularly in rural areas.

Hon. Silikie encouraged Dr. James to collaborate closely with the Director-General to implement necessary reforms and restore the institution’s former prestige. He emphasized that any successes achieved during her tenure would be a testament to her leadership.

Hon. Veronica K. Sesay also offered her support to the nominees, urging Dr. James to engage with other women, including those in the Women in the Media Sierra Leone (WIMSAL), to foster national development. She pointed out the dilapidated state of SLBC’s facilities and stressed the need for comprehensive renovations.

Hon. Sesay further suggested that SLBC should not only focus on news dissemination but also revive popular old shows to recapture the audience’s interest.

Opposition Leader, Hon. Abdul Kargbo, underscored SLBC’s historical significance as the oldest broadcaster in the West African sub-region. He called on the new leadership to work diligently to restore the organization’s former glory.


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