Parliament approves SLRA Boss, 4 others


October 19, 2018

By Jariatu S. Bangura

New approved SLRA boss, Amara Jambai Kanneh

Members of Parliament yesterday approved the Director General of the Sierra Leone Road Authority, Amara J. Kanneh and four others to serve in various capacities in different institutions.

The other nominees include: Ms. Joyce Wuyah Abu-Deputy Commissioner, National Commission for Children, Cecilia Mahota Demby-Board Member, Bank of Sierra Leone, Martin A. Foday -Chairman-Conservation Trust Fund and Shaka Ahmed Mansaray -Deputy Commissioner-Sierra Leone Insurance Commission.

Presenting the nominees to the House for approval, Chairman, Appointment and Public Service Committee, Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis, said the committee maintained strict consistency to its established procedure, and that pertinent questions put to the nominees were related to their educational backgrounds, track records in public offices, tax obligations and their visions for a successful and national productive tenure.

He said the committee has no doubt that the nominees were qualified individuals and that for the past six months in governance, they have nominated more women to severe in various institutions.

Deputy Leader Leader of Parliament, Hon. Mathew S. Nyuma, said the nominees have served the nation not because of their personal interest but because they have the country at heart.

“The president is looking for people that have qualifications and not because of  their identity cards, party affiliation or passports. Some of these nominees have contributed to the lives of many people across the country not because they knew them but because of the passion they have to serve humanity,” he said.

He stated that the Director General of SLRA has the expertise to serve in all areas across the country as he had served as District Engineer in both Kenema and Bo.

“There are ill-motivated contractors that could not do what they are asked to do. Make sure you sanitise the authority. We believe in your discipline, that is why the president has nominated you to serve in that capacity. We believe you will serve Sierra Leone and this government as we need people that can deliver,” he said.

He called on the deputy commissioner for the Children’s Commission to be aware about the high rate of child trafficking, cyber- crimes, drugs intake and migration of children all over the world.

“There is need to create a better platform for children as they need to be given the discipline that is needed for them to serve in their own capacity.”

Independent Member of Parliament, Hon. Shiaka Sama, urged that the nominees should work in pushing the country forward as the president did promise to change and move the country forward.

“We expect jobs, good roads, public facilities and things that will change the lives of people. We want a Director General that can make the difference. When you condemn the system, you should make sure to change it and not continue in the small trend. There are many odds that did occur during the last APC government which is still continuing in the current government. We have to support the president to achieve a morale ground,” he said.

Hon. Sama stated that the amount being paid to construct one kilo meter road was very expensive for the country.

“1million for 1kilo meter road is very expensive for Sierra Leone and the amount spent for repairs is very huge. After construction, you will see many potholes because the materials used are substandard. Make sure you bring back those PWD workers that used to be in the roads initially as it will create employment for the youth rather than spending more money on repairs. We don’t want to see a DG in the offices signing reports but rather should go on the ground to see how and where the works are done,” he said.