Paramount Chief welcomes new Code of Ethics and Service Standards for Chiefs


By Tiva Ansumana in Bo

Secretary-General of Council of Paramount Chiefs in Bo district and the Southern Region, Paramount Chief Desmond Mahayei   Kargobia of Selenga chiefdom, has welcomed the new Code of Ethics and Service Standard for Chiefs in Sierra Leone, enunciated by Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

P.C. Kargobai said the document is a key guide to his colleagues in the 149 chiefdoms in the country, as they are guided on how to be good chiefs, avoid conflict of interest, breach of ethics and self regulation. He said the Code also directs them as to services they could render to their subjects, standards, performance measurement and self   improvement.

He maintained that chieftaincy, with special reference to Paramount Chiefs, now commands great respect because the Council has secured a national secretariat at Kortugbuma section in Bo.

Giving a brief background to the secretariat, he disclosed that appeals were made by Paramount Chiefs to the former UN peace-building mission in Sierra Leone to add value to chieftaincy by way of construction an edifice for the National Council of Paramount Chiefs. He also disclosed that the University of Makeni, UNIMAK, in collaboration with CARITAS, was contacted to help establish an office space for the Council.

P.C. Kargobai called on all and sundry to channel correspondences meant for Paramount Chiefs nationwide to the national secretariat, so that they could be conveyed respective paramount chiefs within a short period of time.