Paramount Chief appeals for Community Cohesion


May 2, 2018


The Paramount Chief of Kissi Teng Chiefdom in Kailahun District has called on his people to turn a page and forget about the unfortunate political happenings that took place in his chiefdom during the electioneering process.

Speaking at the Kangama Court Barray recently during Inclusive District Committee reconciliation meeting supported by Fambul Tok, Chief Emmanuel Ganawa recalled an incident that led to stoning of his residence that caused damage and that he had no alternative but to leave for fear of intimidation from supporters of different political parties.

The chief appealed: “I tried my level best to calm down the situation but most people perceived me as belonging to the then opposition All People’s Congress (APC). But to the best of my knowledge I was only playing my role as a traditional leader and in doing that people will accuse you. In carrying out my activities if in deed anything went wrong consciously or unconsciously please forgive me.”

Chief Ganawa said elections are over and what people should now focus on is community development and not attacking opponents.

Both members and supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) and All People’s Congress in the chiefdom regretted the ordeal they went through before and after announcement of the presidential results. They emotionally embraced each other and pledged to improve community cohesion.

During the meeting those who had fled into bushes surrounding Kangama came in the open following assurances from the Inclusive Committee that no one would be harmed. The presence of District Officer William Ngegbai, Office of National Security staff Tamba Lamin and staff of Fambul Tok also increased their trust.

Community elder Sahr Tamba, summed up the views of the community: “let bygones be bygones. He is our Paramount Chief; the SLPP and APC supporters belong to this community. We will embrace all in the spirit of peace and reconciliation. A broken calabash cannot hold water enough to give life to the kids. We want to move on as a community. Thank you Fambul Tok for your assistance!”