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Palm oil matter committed to High Court  

August 2, 2017 By Yusufu S. Bangura.

Magistrate Albert Moody of Court No. 1 has on Monday 31st July ,2017, committed to High Court of Justice, one  Mary Boston, who was charged with one count of fraudulent conversion contrary to Section 20(1)(iv)(a) of the larceny Act 1961.

The particulars of offense stated that sometimes in September, 2014, at No. 7 Samuel Lane-Kissy, the accused fraudulently converted to her own use and benefit certain property to wit seven hundred and eighty-one (781) jerry cans of palm oil, valued four hundred and fourteen million, two hundred and forty-two thousand (Le414, 242000) Leones, entrusted to Mohamed Kamara for sale.

First Prosecution Witness (PW1), Solomon Kamara, had earlier testified that he knew the complainant Mohamed Kamara, who introduced the accused person to him as a good businesswoman that resided in London.

PW1 added that he made arrangement for the shipment of two thousand, nine hundred (2,900) gallons of palm oil.

He stated that after the accused person called to ask for the palm oil, he told her that they have shipped the consignment, adding that the accused told him the cost of the palm oil was sixty (60) pounds Sterling per gallon.

Solomon told the court that the accused went to United Kingdom to receive the palm oil.

“I called my elder brother, Abdulrahman and told him that they have made an arrangement to ship the palm oil. After three weeks later the accused called me and told me that she has received the palm oil,” he said.

According to him, after six months he did not received any information from the accused person about the sale of the palm oil, stating that his brother gave him information that the accused person had returned to Sierra Leone.

He stated that his brother accompanied him to search for the accused person and later saw her and asked about the palm oil.

Solomon said the accused replied that she came to Sierra Leone on a funeral at Kabala afterward she would arranged for the palm oil.

PW1 said the accused returned back from the funeral and went to the United Kingdom and upon receiving that information; the complainant went to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and made a statement.

The defense lawyer is E.S.Abdulia and the prosecution is Samuel Kamara (ASP).


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