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Over twenty-three thousand deaths recorded in 2017

January 16, 2018 By Memunatu Bangura

Chief Registrar at the office of Birth and Death has told Concord Times that twenty three thousand and sixty five (23065) deaths were recorded for the year 2017, excluding victims that were involved in the August 14th Mudslide and flooding disaster.

Alhaji Samuka Nallo said the figures were part of the provisional figures presented by the field offices on Vital Events registered country wide.

He said even though there was a disaster in the country at Mortormeh and other parts of the country, which claimed over five hundred lives, she said the registration of death for the sad occurrence was yet to be done at the office of Birth and Death.

According to him, the figures reported above included deaths from all ages among were twelve thousand, five hundred and ninety seven (12597) male and ten thousand, four hundred and sixty eight (10468) female.

He also disclosed that there were three hundred and ten thousand, six hundred and fifty three (310653) registered births for the year 2017, of which one hundred and fifty eight thousand, five hundred and forty eight (158548) were male and one hundred and fifty two thousand, one hundred and two (152105) females.

The provisional figures showed that out of the total number of birth recorded last year, one thousand, one hundred and seventy -three were Still Birth, of which six hundred and thirty five accounted for male and five hundred and thirty eight female.

Alhaji Nallo explained that the strength illustrates a substantial increase in Live Births and corresponding decrease deaths and Still birth registered.

He said the annual registration figures can be judged by comparing 2017 to 2016 figures that were registered.

The  provisional figures  showed that there were three hundred and ten thousand, six hundred and fifty three (310653) live births in 2017, which indicated a positive impact as compared to 2016 when there were two hundred and ninety three thousand, six hundred and ninety eight still births.

These figures indicated that there were was also a decrease in Still Birth as compared to 2016 and a decrease in deaths figure in all ages.

The figures further indicated that there was a decrease in the death of children less than five years in 2017, as compared to 2016 with a total number of one thousand, one hundred and fifteen in 2017 and five thousand, five hundred and ninety -two in 2016.

It also showed a huge decrease in death among children less than fifteen days to fifteen years, with a total figure of two thousand, two hundred and forty- four deaths in 2017 and ten thousand, five hundred and sixty -four deaths in 2016.

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