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Over refusal to endorse player’s ITC…

Michael Foundation slams SLFA

March 13, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr. 

The Edmond Michael Foundation (EMF) has, in a recent correspondence, reacted to the Sierra Leone Football Association’s (SLFA) refusal to endorse the status of an International Transfer Certificate for former EMF player, Edmond Michael.

Following a request from the registration department of the Football Association in England, the SLFA – in a February 26, 2015 letter – stated that it will not endorse or release an ITC for the said player on the pretext that “the player is a minor” and therefore needed a recommendation from them before travelling out of the country.

The SLFA also stated that the Southern Region – which the EMF is registered with – has withdrawn its membership from the football association.

In its reaction, the EMF contested the SLFA’s claim that the Southern Region Football Association has withdrawn its membership from the association, describing the claim as “distorted, unfortunate and mischievous”.

The EMF also refuted the claim that the player was a minor.

The EMF letter signed by the foundation’s director, Elias Saad, reads: “The said player is not a minor. He attained the age of 18 on 11 August 2014, which implies that as an adult he is now free to enter contractual obligation with any club of his choice.

“Since our intent was merely to clarify the player was a free agent, the refusal to endorse or release the ITC or complete TMS procedures is left with the English FA on behalf of Cambridge City FC, the SLFA and the FIFA TMS department for a proper Transfer Matching System (TMS) procedure, so that the player will not be denied the opportunity to sign professional contract.”

The EMF further noted that they have already confirmed the player as a free agent to Cambridge City FC, the English FA’s TMS department and the FIFA TMS department.

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