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Over petitioning of 53 MPs…

Former APC MPs demand ‘independent Judiciary’  

April 30, 2018 By Jariatu S. Bangura

Some former APC Members of Parliament have urged the Judiciary of Sierra Leone to be independent in deciding current petition cases filed by both the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) against their respective lawmakers.

Hon. Amadu Fofanah, previously of Constituency 109 now 127, said the petition matters are a test case for the judiciary and that the trial Judges should look into the matters and give verdicts that would serve the interest of the country.

“International observers did recommend that the election was credible and now that petitions are being made, all these processes are sending a signal that even the presidency seat is not credible. We expect the civil society organisations to talk on constitutional breach. I think they should speak up as sometime they did speak about constitutional breaches before but now nobody is talking,” he said.

The ruling government has reportedly petitioned 21 opposition lawmakers, while the APC in turn has filed 31 petitions against ruling party MPs.

Also, Hon. Alhassan Kamara, hitherto of Constituency 96, which is now 115, said the current petition cases were not healthy and that if the new government wants to be successful, stable and achieve their policies, they should work with the entire parliament.

“Even though the APC has more seats in the House, that does not deter the SLPP from enacting laws or doing things that is in the interest of the country. When you have a very confrontational parliament as a ruling government, you will definitely going to fail. There is need for them to reconsider the petition process. You, as a winning government petitioned the proposed 21 opposition MPs for over voting, voting disruption and ballot stuffing, which is already in court. What does that call for, it is a democratic fraud. Also, if you petition those numbers of MPs based on allegations that are already in court regarding the winning of your presidency, what does that tell you? Even your winning of the presidency is questionable. You cannot petition MPs for voter intimidation, ballot stuffing and the likes. An electoral process that makes you a winner, to me is no brainer. I think they should reconsider it or else it will bring a limelight to the development of the country,” Hon. Kamara averred.

He added: “I urge the electorate to sit down and observe and we will be observing. I personally want the government to succeed and if they want to succeed, it is but for them to allow normal democratic process to continue as I believe in democracy and western normal ideas but what they are doing currently is on the wrong path.”

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  1. I am not in favor of what’s happening with our democratic processes, nor was I in favor of the excesses of the APC goverment petitioning and bullying the then opposition SLPP in the 1970’s leading to the “ONE PARTY” State of Pa Shaki. SLPP members and Independents were forced to join the APC bandwagon, or petitioned. Majority of those petitioned lost their MP ship. I don’t think Sierra Leone is heading to that, GOD forbid.

    There is always the Law of Karma or Reciprocity. Now the children of the older APC members eating the sour grapes, and now their teeth are set on edge, we are having “cry babies” and ” winers”. I know two wrongs cannot make things right for all of us. So, let us reflect the recent excesses before the election, and search our inner selves and ask our selves, Was it right what APC did, not only to the SLPP but to NGC, C4C and other opposition parties? If it was RIGHT and Justified, then we should accept what is happening and let the courts to their work. Remember, the court was on your side then, but now you want the Judiciary to be neutral. I think APC should change their mantra from “Do unto others and do not allow them to do the same unto you”, to “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”. Attitudinal change that so much money was wasted on, start from HOME.

    I pray that this issue will be resolve amicably, so that the new government can get on with business they were mandated to do. I pray that God will remove all obstructionist tendencies in our beloved Lion Mountain – Sierra Leone.

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