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Over non-payment of benefits…

Dock seek government intervention

By Matthew Jabby

Fifteen aggrieved Leone Dock workers have expressed disappointment over non-payment of their salaries and benefits by management of Leone Dock Labour Company Ltd. since 6th December, 2013 when their services were terminated.

They fifteen are: Idriss Bangura, Yusuf Kamara, Sahr Kaomondo, Samuel Bundu, Abubakarr Kamara 1V, Mohamed Kanu, Sahid H.Jalloh, Joseph Sesay, Alhasan Conteh, Ola T. Lewalie, Dowzie Tunkara, Amadu Kargbo, Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, Francis Moijueh and John Tucker.

According to spokesman of the group, Idriss Bangura, General Manager of Leone Dock Tapsiru Njah terminated their services without notification. He said that when they pressed the Manager for an explanation, he could not state a reason except that he would call on them whenever he wished.

Bangura said they reported the matter to the Union, and that even the intervention of Union officials has not yielded any fruit as Manager Njai is still uncooperative.

He disclosed they have written a letter of complaint to the Ministry of Labour and Industrial Relations, the Human Rights Commission, Office of the Chief of Staff at State House, and Office of the Ombudsman, underline the blatant infringement of their labour rights and violation of their human rights with impunity.

“The Dock Labour Company employed us since October 1st 2011 as Tally Clerks, Bay workers and safety Officers respectively with necessary formal documents, including letters of engagement with probationary period of three months and also staff identity cards duly signed by the then acting General Manager, Abdul Mansaray,” Said Bangura.

“Currently, we have been stopped from work without any official notification, which is against the labour and human rights law,” he added.

In a telephone interview, Manager Njai told Concord Times that the matter is currently being handled by the Board, and that he is not the one dealing with the issue.

However, when contacted, the Board Chairman, J. E. Leverse, refuted the manager’s claim, stating that the matter was being handled by the latter.

As a result of the seeming confusing as to who is handling the labour dispute, the flight of the former dock workers may be far from resolved, until the Labour Minister intervenes.

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