Over delay in collecting corpse…


Disabled persons barricade Wellington

OCTOBER 24, 2014 By Victoria Saffa

A group of disgruntled disabled persons from the Development Idol Group in the east of Freetown on Wednesday barricaded the main road in Wellington due to delay by the Ebola burial team to retrieve the corpse of one of their members.

Hassan Sesay, a disabled who lost his wife, told Concord Times that the deceased – Hawa Kanu – died while giving birth, adding that “my wife’s remains have taken over five days in the house and it has already decomposed and our neighbours are running away from the compound.”

He added that due to the inexplicable delay by the burial team to collect the corpse, he and other disabled persons staged a protest on the main street in the Wellington district, stopping vehicles and ambulances.

Musa Koroma, who is chairman of Development Idol Group, said the deceased was a disabled, and that they decided to barricade the street because the corpse had been abandoned for five days, prompting inmates to leave the compound.

The protestors called on the government to put practical and correct measures in place to bury corpses fast.

The Ebola burial team in Freetown would normally take between two to three days to collect corpses from houses, as the team struggles with the sheer size of the number of corpses each day.

According to the Red Cross, between 70 to 100 corpses are available for burial each day, making the task daunting for the under-strength team in the Western Area, which is recording a spike in new cases almost on a daily basis.

According to Ahmed Turay, chairman of Ex-Servicemen Association, the intervention of the police brought the standoff under control before the burial team arrived belatedly to collect the corpse.

In a related development, also in the Wellington community, the body of one Musu Kamara was abandoned on the street with visible signs of blood oozing from her mouth.

According to an eyewitness, Mohamed Kamara, the corpse of the deceased was left on the street by an old woman, which caused residents to run in disarray.