Over 2,500 children expected to die in 12 months


March 12, 2015 By Regina Pratt

Over 2,500 new born babies are expected to die within twelve months as a result of health service interruptions, according to DFID Social Development Adviser, Richard Carter.

Carter, who was doing a presentation on the mid-term review session by Restless Development and partners on Friday (27 February) at the Hill Valley Hotel, contended that due to health service interruptions caused by the Ebola outbreak, some 2,554 children are expected to die in Sierra Leone in the next 12 months.

Quoting a report on morbidity and mortality in Sierra Leone, the DFID social development adviser said neonatal deaths are caused by diarrhea, neonatal complications, malaria and pneumonia, among others.

“Maternity wards are generally being deserted by women who fear contracting Ebola as concerns have been raised by aid workers and health professionals that the number of teenage pregnancies has increased since the outbreak. Closure of schools and other entertainment has potentially increased the workload of complicated deliveries compared to other years,” he quoted the report as saying.

Suspected cases of measles were reported in mid February 2015 in Bombali and Port Loko – two northern districts worst affected by the Ebola outbreak – according to a UNICEF report of 11 February, 2015.