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Over 150 women benefit from AMR Gold agricultural support

April 28, 2017

Reps of the women’s groups from six villages

As part of its drive to support women’s empowerment through increased agricultural productivity AMR Gold a leading Exploration Company in Sierra Leone, has provided agricultural support to over one hundred and fifty women in six villages in Bombali District.

This move was to help support local farmers’ engaged in agricultural productivity through planting of groundnut, cassava, cocoyam and nursing of palm kernel. The six villages were Kadingbilin, Kathanta, Kamakwie,Kayigrana, Kabombo and Kamasakorie.

The local groups received from the Chiefdom Development Committee $40USD to buy the agricultural seeds for continuation of the AMR Gold’s “seed credit scheme” that will boost agriculture in the region.

Addressing the beneficiaries, the acting Community Affairs Supervisor-Mohamed Dusco Conteh,said agriculture plays a crucial role in the overall growth of any country and so it is necessary to ensure its development. As a result, local people should be empowered and encouraged to go into agriculture, which is a strong engine for economic growth in the world. He explained that agricultural production needs to be made more efficient and commercialized to move up the value-chain for sustainable economic growth and job creation.

AMR Gold is an exploration company and understands that agriculture forms the basis for food security, which is why they are supporting agricultural productivity through the Village Development Committee.

One of the beneficiaries from Kadingbilin village-Kadiatu Bangura expressed appreciation on behalf of all the women in the Chiefdom, adding that AMR Gold’s management has demonstrated that the company is here to stay and help alleviate the challenges faced by local people.

She said the economy of Sierra Leone has shown remarkable resilience in the face of challenging global economic conditions and explained that the AMR Gold seed credit scheme will not only stop with them, but will be rolled out to other villages that did not benefit from this.


In a similar development, AMR Gold has provided 6000 seedling palm kernel to five villages. The villages are Kamaforay, Kasimbeke, Kagbaray, Kasekeyan and Kakuru. The farmers were howeverprovided with watering can, pickaxe, shovels, rubbers, polythine bags and a digging fox to make their work easier and effective.

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