OSD Inspector allegedly manhandles contractor


…refuses to cooperate with CDIID

By Matthew Jabby


An Operational Support Division (OSD) officer, Inspector Dumbuya, is reported to have manhandled one Mustapha Mansaray, a private contractor hired by one Ishaka Kamara to construct a house at Limba Corner, Off Rokel Village, few kilometers outside Freetown.

The dispute is said to have arose over a disputed land which Inspector Dumbuya also lays claims to.

Mansaray, who resides at No. 21 Jones Street in Freetown, told this reporter that he had gone to the said land to construct a house for Kamara when Inspector Dumbuya suddenly arrived with a team of armed OSD personnel and civilians brandishing sticks at about 4:00pm.

He said the OSD Inspector ordered him to leave the land as he said property belongs to him. He alleged that the OSD officer slapped him while his men destroyed the structure and seized his tools. He said he was also handcuffed and taken to the Ross Road police station.

Mansaray said officers at the Ross Road police station have treated the matter with little seriousness, claiming that Dumbuya is a senior police officer and that they were constrained to take action against him.

He said the incident was later reported to the Complaints, Discipline and Internal Investigation Department (CDIID) of Sierra Leone Police, which he also accused of dragging feet on the matter.

According to Kamara, thieves have carted away hundreds of bricks which Mansaray would have used to construct the house, lamenting the huge financial loss he has incurred as a result of what he referred to as “Inspector Dumbuya’s illegal act”.

Meanwhile, Investigating Officer at the CDIID headquarters, Sergeant Kobba, told this reporter that he had made several efforts to talk to Inspector Dumbuya but the latter’s response has “not been satisfactory”.

Also, all efforts by this reporter to get the version of Inspector Dumbuya have been fruitless despite calling his phone and going to the OSD headquarters at Brookfields.