Orthodox mission boosts education in Waterloo


August 2, 2016 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

With a view to providing quality education in the country, the Orthodox Church in Sierra Leone on Sunday, 31 July, held their 4th graduation ceremony at the Waterloo Orthodox Primary School.

Speaking at the ceremony, Head of the Orthodox Church in Sierra Leone, Rev. Father Themi Adamopolos, said that when they started operations  in the country in 2008 part of their plan was to build a school in the Waterloo community in order to provide quality education for children in that part of Sierra Leone.

He noted that the next challenge was to recruit trained and qualified teachers that would teach the children to the best of their knowledge, adding that the school has many facilities, including a well-equipped library and computer lab to enhance effective learning for pupils.

He called on the school’s authorities and teachers to be teaching the children about the need to be respectful to elders in society and live a life that would be acceptable to God.

He further admonished the children to pay attention to their studies, in a bid to achieve academic excellence.

Giving a brief background of the school, chairman for the graduation ceremony, Michael Jalloh said they started operations in the community in 2009 with only 70 children and that the school has now has over 120 pupils.

Head Teacher of the School, Moses B. Dixon, said the event was their 4th graduation ceremony since the establishment of the school, and that the first batch of pupils had sat to the National Primary School Examinations (NPSE).

Dixon added that he strongly believed that all the NPSE candidates would obtain the required grades to be enrolled at their respective junior secondary schools of choice.

The Orthodox Church was founded on the Day of Pentecost in Jerusalem in 33 AD, fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has preserved the original teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles from that time to date.