Orebro coach confident Kamara will stay


February 2, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr.

Head coach of Swedish topflight league side Orebro, Alexander Axen, is convinced that Sierra Leone international striker Alhassan ‘Crespo’ Kamara will not leave the club before the commencement of the Allenskan league season.

Axen, whose side departed Sweden last Thursday for a training camp in Portugal where they will play several international friendly matches, told journalists in Sweden that he is confident the 21-year-old striker will stay in the club.

“I am sure he will remain with us until at least the summer. There’s no need to rush things, Kamara has made a half really good season and there is much left to grind on. It is better that he has ice in his stomach, working on it and he’ll move on when he is mature. Remember, we’re talking here about a guy who is 21 years,” said Axen.

With Isaac Kiese Thelin recently sold to Bordeaux for 40 million Swedish Krona (about US$5 million), there are speculations that Kamara – who did outstandingly well last season than Kiese – could also be possibly sold for a higher fee.

It is being mooted that it will be difficult for Orebro officials to turn down a lucrative offer for the player, but coach Axen still believes no amount of money will tempt the club’s officials to sell the striker.

“Isaac and Kamara are not the same type of players. Kamara scored 14 goals in 14 games, Isaac scored five [in a whole] season. He, on the other hand, played Champions League in a good way, but I see no reason why ÖSK will sell Kamara for now,” said Axen.

The Sierra Leone striker was amongst the 24 Orebro players who left Sweden for the training camp in Portugal.