Orange re-echoes commitment to protecting the environment


By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Orange Telecommunication Sierra Leone has re-echoed its commitment to protecting the environment from hazardous human activities that lead to climate change and make it a safe place for every living being.

The commitment was re-echoed on Thursday, May 4, at their Hill Station Head Office during the launch of Orange Sierra Leone Environmental Health and Safety Week.

 Speaking at the event that was attended by the head of the National Telecommunication Authority and other government officials, the Public Relations Officer of Orange, Mabel Mason stated that, “the environment plays essential role to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.Our ecosystem is delicate and fragile and it is our responsibility to ensure it sustainability.

She said the theme for this year’s environment day is ‘taking sustainable steps to reduce our carbon footprint with emphasis on the importance of environmental responsibility.

She said the theme was a call for action for all to make conscious effort towards protecting the environment and preserve it for the future generation.

She said at Orange Sierra Leone they recognise the importance of the environment and that they have put in place measures to ensure that they operate sustainably.

She said they have implemented recycling programs, reduced plastic waste, and encouraged the use of renewable energy.

In his presentation, Head of Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility, Kamal Omar Sheriff Abass, said Orange Sierra Leone is committed to protecting the environment and that they acknowledge the potential environmental impact that their operations may have on the environment.

He said the purpose of their environmental programs is to ensure the reduction of carbon footprint, environmental compliance and ensure protection of the environment which applies to the management, employees and all Orange Sierra Leone service providers.

He presented that their dreams were primarily to contribute towards achieving the group ambition of net zero carbon by 2040 and to ensuring compliance to environmental laws and national and international standards relating to environment.

Chief Executive Officer of Orange Sierra Leone, Sékou Amadou Bah, said the environment is facing crises and that whatever good one does for the planet “we are actually protecting ourselves from the dangers of climate change.

He said “we need to recognise the impact of our daily actions towards the environment and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint which includes reducing waste, using renewable energy resources, supporting sustainable agriculture and advocating for environmental policies.”

He said as a company, they have the responsibility to protect the environment and believe that everyone has a role to play in reducing the impact of “our daily activities on the planet.

Minister of Environment, Professor Foday Jaward, said the government through the Ministry of Environment, has over the years done a lot to protect the environment including sensitizing and putting in place polices to protect the environment from hazardous human activities.

He said the Environmental Health and Safety Bill is the law, regulations and effort everybody make to ensure that their employees are safe, the general public is safe and the environment is safe as well.

He commended Orange Telecommunication for being one of the companies that have really complied and are complying by the environmental regulations.

He said the day was very important because it helps to raise awareness on the need for protecting the planet and the environment.


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