Orange partners Drivers’ Union for Sim registration


October 16, 2019

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Orange and Driver’s Union staff pose for picture

Responding and abiding to the rules and regulations of the National Telecommunications Commission for all mobile company operators in Sierra Leone to register their subscribers, Orange Telecom has partnered with the Sierra Leone Driver’s Union to register all drivers in the country.

The National Telecommunication Commission, NATCOM has asked all mobile telecommunication companies operating in the country to register all their subscribers across the country.

 NATCOM later extended the sim card registration to today, 15th October, 2019, as the deadline for all telecommunications companies to register their valuable subscribers across the country.
Speaking during the partnership at the Driver’s Union Office at Texaco in Freetown, Head of Compliance at Orange Telecom, Gerald Cole, said the partnership was a success to Orange, noting that with the partnership they can register more subscribers in the country.

He said the sim registration was geared towards having a comprehensive data of users, tracking down errant misuse of communications gadgets and to also combat various cyber offences including fraudsters.

He further that the process will be addressing the huge problem of un-registered subscribers, who have the tendency to use the company’s system to fraud decent and well-meaning individual.

He said last month they launched their door to door sim registration initiative, going to houses and registering their customers, noting that partnering with the union will enable them to register each and every driver using their network in Sierra Leone.

He said they have identified over seven lorry parks in Freetown that they will be having their boots with trained and qualified people that will be there to register sim cards.

He said Orange-SL is working towards helping the government to mitigate security threat and also ensure that every Sierra Leonean, irrespective of his or her status should be able to have access to register and subsequently belong to the company’s data base as valuable subscribers.

Also speaking, President of Sierra Leone Driver’s Union, Alpha Amadu Bah, said the partnership was a welcoming one, noting that they are going to ensure that their membership registered their sim cards.

He disclosed that they have seventy two thousand memberships nationwide, adding that out of that number they have forty two thousand registered members in Freetown.

He promised that they are going to ensure that at least thirty thousand of the Freetown membership registers their sim cards, noting that the initiative was good because it ensures someone account for a particular number if anything goes wrong.

“Before now someone can use any number call and abuse or threatens you. It happened to me during our election, but with this initiative you can be able to trace any number through Orange,” he said.