Orange Money boost for female petty traders


July 2, 2018

By Elizabeth A. Kaine

Orange CEO,Director and traders across the country

One of the leading telecommunication networks in Sierra Leone, Orange Telecoms, last week conducted what they referred to as ‘woman-to-woman talk’ to provide a boost to female petty traders across the country through the use of orange money to transact business.

Corporate Affairs Director, Barry Honnah, said it was significant to introduce female traders to Orange Money so as to ease their worries as many conduct businesses in areas very difficult to access money.

He noted that traders usually visit places and would want to purchase certain items, but at times return home dejected due to lack of money at that particular moment.

 “Orange Money is here to make business easy for traders. They can send and receive their goods through Orang Money without moving from one place to another,” he said.

Horner noted that though some cannot read or write, but many are digitally connected with smart phones, which they could use to transact businesses via Orange Money.

Chief Executive Officer of United For Humanity, Naasu Fofanah, urged Orange to not only limit the facility to  women, but extend it children as well.

Also, Madam Madeline Sahr Marrah of Orange Telecoms, said the system of Osusu (local banking) was not best for saving money because in most cases collectors go away with monies collected from traders.

 “Orange Money saves time, as you know time is money in business. You cannot afford to sell your business for a whole week and later lose all of the money,” she noted.

Director of Sonatel Dakar, Madam Rokhaya Solange, said she believes in women as many are breadwinners in their respective families.

She stated that women can do whatever they wish to do if they are given the opportunity they need, adding that the only thing they need is assistance.

 “African traders have a lot of mini businesses that can be transformed into bigger ones, but the knowhow to get there remains a challenge. By showing these traders how to make use of their African produce and selling it through WhatsApp or creating a website for them will do them good,” she said.