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Orange joins Salone Autism Society to raise awareness

April 1, 2021

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma 

As Sierra Leone joins the world to celebrate World Autism Day, tomorrow, Friday, 2nd April, Orange Telecom, has announced their intention to partner with the Sierra Leone Autism Society to raise awareness on the disease condition. 

World Autism Awareness Day is observed on April 2nd every year across the world. The day recognizes and spreads awareness for the rights of people with autism.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder characterized by behavioral and communicational affections that impact a person’s ability to navigate social interactions and also causes repetitive and restricted behaviour.

Speaking during a meeting with the Founder of Sierra Leone Autism Society, Director of Foundation at Orange, Jesnna Betts, said that was the first time Orange Telecom was partnering with health institution of such nature, to help children with autism spectrum disorder. 

She said it is difficult to care for children with autism in Sierra Leone, which is why they deemed it fit that they should partner with the autism foundation to raise awareness about children and how the society should treat them.

She further stated that, Orange Telecom is going to include the Sierra Leone Autism Society in their system. 

Also speaking, Mary Penn-Timity said they have lot of challenges for caring for those children with the limited space they have for school and transportation constraint.

She said the way society sees and treats autism children in the country is also a huge challenge, stating that people don’t allow their children to play with a child with autism and that they called them names.

She said they are currently operating in Freetown Makeni Bo and Kabala and that over 180 autism children go to their youth clubs centres in those three districts.

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