Opposition Lawmakers caution Leema to tread cautiously


May 28, 2018 By Jariatu S. Bangura

Lahai Lawrence Leema: Deputy Internal Affairs Minister

A lawmaker of the main opposition All People’s Congress has called on the newly approved Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and spokesperson of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) to tread cautiously as he is now a government official.

Hon. Abdul Kargbo, representing Constituency 77 in the Port Loko District, noted that he was ‘troubled’ by the appointment of Leema as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Ministry.

Speaking during the confirmation of new appointees last week, Hon. Kargbo said: “I could vividly remember when you said there were a number of soldiers that wanted to overthrow the President. As from now, you should know what you say or how you say it. Such words should not come from a minister. We look forward for a better ‘Leema’ this time around. These people are about to make history in the country and by virtue of that, we expect you to comport yourself well in the office you will occupy.”

He urged the new deputy minister to work in the interest of the country and not solely as SLPP spokesperson.

Hon. Osman Timbo representing Constituency 130 in the Western Area Urban, said the future of the country lies in the hands of the newly approved ministers and their deputies, adding that they should serve the interest of the country.

“It is indeed true that Leema is a tormentor as I was fortunate to chat with him on my Facebook account and he had been a bone in the neck which caused me to even block him. But all I could say now is that you are going to serve the people of Sierra Leone. Make sure that diplomatic passports are given to the right people and make sure to do the things right,” Hon. Timbo cautioned the firebrand SLPP spokesman.

However, SLPP lawmaker, Hon. Hindolo M. Ngavao, representing Constituency 003 in the Kailahun District, said the new Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs is a disciplinarian and should continue to exhibit it.

“Leema has been a good citizen and I have defended him in court and I do believe that he will make the President and the people of Sierra Leone proud. Do not hesitate to deal with people that want to jeopardise the law. No one is above the law. Make sure that appropriate things are done,” Hon. Ngevao concluded.