ONS engages youth on lawlessness, indiscipline


August 24, 2018

By Yusufu S. Bangura

From left Hassan Jalloh, middle Director of Youth Charles Moinina to right Director of Prison Sanpha Bilo

Office of National Security (ONS) yesterday engaged youth on how to mitigate violence, lawlessness and indiscipline among themselves across the country.

The workshop took place at the Senior Police Officers Mess compound, Kingtom Police Barracks in Freetown.

Addressing participants at the workshop, Francis Langumba Kaili from ONS opined that they decided to organise  the session so as to engage youth and disabuse their minds  on the dangers of violence and lawlessness.

He noted that when President Julius Maada Bio took over office, he made mention that he would tackle violence, lawlessness and indiscipline among young people; hence them in the security sector used the engagement as a proactive measure to mitigate the scourge.

“The youth are the future leaders of this country, so I want all young people to keep off from violence, lawlessness and indiscipline. I have put so many things in place to stop violence in the country not only in Freetown but also in the provinces,” he said.

Director of Youth at the Ministry of Youth Affairs, Charles Moinina, noted that  the youth have of late been engaged in some violence, lawlessness and indiscipline activities, thus calling on them to stay away from those activities that are  major setbacks to youth  development in the nation.

Moinina noted that violence and lawlessness have caused the death of many young boys and girls who were engaged in dangerous activities including human trafficking, murder, robbery and terrorizing peaceful citizens.

He stated that violence and lawlessness were common in homes, schools, colleges and universities, thus calling on all parents, teachers and lectures to prevent young people from engaging such activities.

 “I want the youth to stay away from violence, lawlessness and indiscipline that would affect the development of Sierra Leone,” he said.

On his part, Director of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service, Sanpha Bilo Kamara, noted that they as an institution were charged with the responsibility of keeping law breakers in custody.

Kamara disclosed that there were 4,448 inmates nationwide and that the correctional centres are full with youthful population.

He observed that some parents were responsible for the lawlessness and indiscipline of their children because they failed to monitor  them when going to schools and universities where most of them associate with bad friends.

“I am pleading with the youth to be respectful, peaceful and law abiding citizens by avoiding violence, lawlessness and indiscipline,” he noted.

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Kalie E. Sesay, said for them in the police they are responsible for the safe keeping of lives and properties and also keeping youth from violence, lawlessness and indiscipline.

He said the Sierra Leone police were trying to engage all group heads and visit areas where they meet to advise them to desist from violence.