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Ola During Children’s hospital plagued with mountain challenges -Medical Superintendent

By Jariatu S. Bangura

The Medical Superintendent of the Ola During Children’s Teaching Hospital, Ayesha Mustapha, has revealed that the hospital is plagued with several challenges as it only has limited middle grade doctors.

“The hospital has limited middle grade doctors -Registrars/Medical officers and only 8 to cover a 10-unit inpatient facility that provides 24 hour service for an average inpatient of 196 and multiple general out-patients and specialised outpatient clinics,” she said.

She said they have limited clinical human resource to match up with the huge turnout in the hospital, especially medical officers and nurses. 

She cited inadequate numbers of labs and pharmacy technicians and that the X -Ray machine was also faulty, calling for urgent need  to replace it with a new one.

The medical superintendent stated that they have grossly inadequate security personnel (only 6 officers for 24hr shift for the entire hospital); recommending outsourcing the service to an agency.

She added that there were inadequate numbers of support staff (drivers, clerks, messengers), adding that the hospital lacks proper functional official vehicles and ambulances and that the ones available have taken more than 7 to 11years respectively, hence urgent replacement is required.

She again cited inadequate lab equipment and that the biochemistry analyzer was not functional, coupled with the lack of re-agents for hematology and micro biology.

She said the lab was currently only 30-40 % functional.

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