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Oil executives from Spanish company Repsol barred from leaving Peru after massive spill

The travel ban will last for 18 months, according to Judge Romualdo Aguedo. It applies to four employees of the Spanish energy and oil company Repsol: the general manager of La Pampilla refinery, Jaime Fernández-Cuesta, and three company directors — Renzo Tejada, Gisela Posadas and José Rey.

The four will not appeal the decision, according to their lawyers, who said that the Repsol executives planned to cooperate with authorities as they investigate the disaster.

Last week, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo declared a state of environmental emergency for coastal areas affected by the spill, calling it an “ecological disaster.” The measure is to last 90 business days, Castillo said.

The January 15 spill occurred as crude oil was being unloaded from a ship to the La Pampilla Refinery, which is managed by Repsol, after a powerful volcano erupted thousands of miles away in Tonga.

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