Ofuobi Club donates foodstuff, cash to Wellington Orphanage Home & Blind School

Members of the club in a group photograph with Wellington Orphanage Home kids

 By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

Ofuobi Social Club, an organization that comprises of Nigerian businessmen and women in Sierra Leone, last Sunday, November 13, donated assorted food items and cash to the Wellington Orphanage Home and School for the Blind in Freetown.

The assorted food items which cost thousands of Leones includes bags of rice, bags of onion, gallons of cooking oil, cartoons of tomato, cartoons of biscuit, provision and other assorted food items plus cash.

Speaking during the donation ceremonies  attended by all the Clubs members, Chairman Ofuobi Social Club, Austin Samuel said ‘Ofuobi’ means one heart, love and togetherness, noting that the organisation was established by Nigerians living in Sierra Leone, with the main purpose of uniting themselves and help the needy and underprivileged in Sierra Leone.

“This country has been a blessing to us. The people of the country are kind and treating us as their brothers and sisters, that is why we formed this organisation with the aim of giving back to them through the needy and underprivileged,” he said.

He said the donation to the underprivileged homes was a little way of giving from their pockets and saying thank you to Sierra Leoneans for seeing and treating them as brothers.

He said the organization also aims to promote and foster love, togetherness, unity, peace, and progress among its members while strengthening the cordiality and brotherhood among all its members.

He further stated that they also render humanitarian services and financial assistance through individual contributions to the needy and underprivileged.

Also speaking, Secretary General of Ofuobi Social Club, St Darlington Ngozi Obi, said membership of the organization is open to every responsible and law abiding Nigerian and none Nigerians in Sierra Leone.

He said they intended to donate and reach out to more less-privileged people in the country and share  some of the blessing God has given them in the country.

Receiving the donated items, Manager of Wellington Orphanage Home, Bob Mansaray expressed his gratitude for the donation, noting that the food items will help them go a long way.

He disclosed that the Home currently hosts 85 children of various ages and it is the Home that is taking care of all their schooling, medical and pays every other bill for those children.

“To take care of a single child is not an easy task not to talk of taking care of 85 children. All of them are going to school and we are taking care of their medical,” he said.

He further noted that, the Home is going through lot of challenges, thus called on more support from individuals and organisations.

Receiving the donated items on behalf of the School for the Blind Alieu Turay, expressed gratitude to the organization and said the donation was appropriate and timely.


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