OCTEA dragged to court for US$231,000


January 16, 2016 By Patrick Jaiah Kamara

One Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, a former employee of OCTEA mining company, has dragged the mining outfit to the High Court of Sierra Leone for their alleged failure to pay his end of service benefit to the tune of US$231,516.

Justice Alan Halloway had to adjourn the matter for the fourth consecutive time because one of the witnesses, Alie Sultan, who was due to be cross-examined by counsel for the plaintiff, had travelled out of the jurisdiction, according to counsel Francis Ben Keifala.

According to the affidavit filed by the plaintiff, six defendants, including Brett Richards, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, OCTEA, and Koidu Limited are respondents in the industrial litigation.

The plaintiff claims that he had worked for the company for about eight years and held various positions within the company, and that his end of service benefit was yet to be paid. He alleges that between August 2007 and May 2015 he was an employee in the defendants’ company and occupied various positions including Administrative Officer, Administrative and Public Relations Manager and recently as president of the OCTEA mining company, the parent holding company.

Counsel Keifala alleged that several demands by the plaintiff to get the defendants to pay his client’s end of service benefit have not been fruitful as the defendants have proved to be evasive to their requests contained in several emails to the Chief Executive.

He said solicitors for the plaintiff, Messrs Keifala, Conteh & Co served a letter dated 19 August, 2015 to the respondent company, urging them to pay the plaintiff’s end of service benefit, but that the defendants have neither replied nor paid the plaintiff his entitlement.

The plaintiff remains without redress while the company continues to do business in Sierra Leone, according to lawyer Keifala.

The matter will come up again on 2 February.