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NYC launches book on climate change adaptation

 By Jeneba A. Conteh

National Youth Commission (NYC) has on Tuesday 22nd February officially launched a book on Climate Change Adaptation Framework and Youth Entrepreneurship in West Africa.  The event took place at the NYC’s conference room in Freetown.

Dr. Andrew Simmons is the author of the book that  launched. Giving a synopsis of the book titled Climate Change Adaptation Framework and Youth Entrepreneurship in West Africa, Dr. Simmons said even though he faced series of challenges coming to Sierra Leone, he stayed to succeed.

He said the book was written in Sierra Leone under the duress of Ebola and Sierra Leone is the first country in Africa to accept sustainable development goals series.

The author of the book appreciated the government of Sierra Leone for prioritizing human capital development.

“While writing the book, my role was to coordinate with the national youth commission as climate change is affecting every corner of Sierra Leone,” he said.

“The book has also been published by the largest book publisher in the world-Springer Nature and the book is very authentic, and it affirms that young people’s role is vitally important in ensuring sustainable development goals from a demographic imperative. Mechanism must be put in place to ensure that the youth are given a voice,” the author said.

 The new conceptual framework as proposed in the book is divided into four steps that are climate change stressor identification, socio-economic impact assessment, skills and  knowledge analysis of youths to enhance human capital adaptation, and youth development policy; strategy and action adjustments to strengthen capacity and resilience.

The framework provides policymakers and researchers the approach to prepare youths with the necessary knowledge and skills to build their resilience, adapt to climate change and create sustainable livelihoods.

 According to Dr. Simmons, the framework makes an academic contribution to the body of knowledge on youth development, sustainable development and climate change adaptation within developing countries.

Speaking during the launching, Commissioner of the National Youth Commission, Thomas Ngolo Katta, said the book highlights the impact of climate change in Sierra Leone and attributes both directly and indirectly to human activity which alters the global atmospheric composition.

“Our country is severely affected by climate change due to our dependence on agriculture and mining and insufficient financial, technical and institutional capacity to adapt. The use of agrochemical for commercial farm cultivation has created severe environmental problems,” Commissioner Ngolo Katta stated.

 He said the author noted the initiatives government agencies are taking to address some of those critical environmental challenges but because of weak administrative structures and limited capacity due to inadequate human and financial resources, those problems persist.

According to the commissioner, the project was sponsored by the government of Sierra Leone and Africa Development Bank.

The book is available on Amazon for sale.

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