Nursing students demand justice


June 1, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

Some 50 students in the Department of Nursing at the College of Medicines and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS) have cried foul over the way and manner in which they have been treated by the administrator.

The students were due to sit to the final nursing examinations last Friday and Saturday, 29th and 30 May respectively, but were denied because the school had asked that they pay extra fees for the double payment.

Students who spoke on condition of anonymity said the examination had been postponed as a result of the Ebola outbreak, although they had already paid Le300,000 to the school’s administrator, who has again asked them to pay an additional Le350,000 for the same examination.

A student who also pleaded not to be mentioned for fear of being victimized, said she learned about the new charges just last week when she went to the college to enquire about their examination. She said she notified the administrator that her name was not on the list of those that should take the examination.

“I was shocked because last year I paid Le300,000 for the same examination and I told the administrator about it and he told me the payment has expired and that I must pay another Le350,000 before taking the examination,” she said.

Another student also claimed they were not expecting to pay additional fees to write their final examination because they had already paid.

“I am therefore calling on the college authorities to help us clarify this issue as many of us are cashless and we were not expecting this untimely payment. I am asking the college to reverse this condition as most of us have family and children to care for,” she said.

However, in an exclusive interview with Concord Times, administrator James Hazely said they had settled the payment issue and that students who paid the fees last year are exempt from paying this year.

He also revealed that students who had paid to sit the examination wrote the two-day examination at the 34 Military Hospital last Friday.

Yet, many students are insisting that the matter was far from being settled as the administrator was still asking for a fee of Le350,000.