Nurses storm NERC to demand allowances


January 14, 2015 By Victoria Saffa

Nurses from various hospitals across the Western Area, including the Ola During Children’s Hospital at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital (PCMH) on Fourah Bay Road, Monday morning streamed into the NERC headquarters at the former site of the Special Court to demand an explanation over the nonpayment of their allowances running into two months.

An eyewitness told Concord Times that the aggrieved nurses created some mild scenes by lashing out noisily at the “heartless” NERC officials whom they believe to be responsible for their plight.

The incident attracted a lot of curious onlookers within and outside the NERC head office.

A nurse was heard saying loudly how she walks on foot daily to the Hastings Treatment Center because commercial vehicles (poda-poda) would not allow her onboard for fear of infecting other passengers with the virus.

This is the first time nurses and other health workers in the frontline of the Ebola fight have stormed the NERC head office to demand payment of their allowances.

The eyewitness said there were concerns among staff of other organizations based at the former Special Court site that the development, if allowed to continue, could undermine the tranquility the site is being reputed for.

Concord Times learnt that the NERC authorities did encourage the nurses to go back to work as they work out means to address the situation.