NRM, APC join forces to unseat SLPP


February 23, 2021

By Alhaji Haruna Sani

Members of the NRM and APC Secretary General,Osman Yansaneh

The National Reformation Movement (NRM), a surrogate group of the All Peoples Congress (APC) has officially agreed to call off a long standing court action against the APC, albeit one of the three plaintiffs is yet to succumb to the call.

At a presser held yesterday at the party’s headquarters on Railway line in Freetown, Dr Ibrahim Bangura, the peace facilitator, told newsmen that Abdul Karim Kafoi and Serajin  Rollings-Kamara have agreed to withdraw the injunction against the APC, but that Comerade  Gomoneh is yet to answer to that clarion call.

Dr Ibrahim Bangura who is the moral guarantor and lead facilitator of the peace process between APC and NRM said the latter last year, through the court, objected a proposed delegate press conference in Portloko.

He maintained that the NRM did not take the party to court because of selfish interest but because they wanted a reformed Democratic Party constitution.

Former leader of the de-facto NRM Mohamed Sheridan Kamara esq. declared that he was no longer NRM –Sheridan, but comrade Sheridan of the All People’s Congress party. “Our aim was neither to fight the APC, Earnest Bai Koroma nor the party’s Sectary General, Yansaneh, but to have a Democratic Party constitution that is inclusive and all participatory,” he added.

He openly  apologised  to Yansaneh for what he referred to as the many ‘offensive letters’ he wrote him, adding that he did that just to see that the APC adopts a constitution that is all inclusive.

Sheridan encouraged APC supporters to stop attacking the NRM but rather focus on one fight to unseat the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party from power. 

He said irrespective of Adebayor’s constant attack and motherly invectives on members of the NRM, he has on behalf of the NRM forgiven all those who emulated Adebayor, and on the other hand encouraged all APC supports to forgive them as NRM as well.

Serajin  Rollings Kamara, who was removed from parliament as a result of a petition filed against him and other opposition Members of Parliament, expressed  delight for what he called a peaceful resolution between the NRM and APC.

He added that one of the main reasons for the re-unification of NRM with the APC was as result of the consistent failure of the ruling SLPP to deliver for the people of Sierra Leone.

“We are not joining the APC out of any fear, but to come back as a united front to kick out the SLPP out of governance,” he said.

Former member of the NRM, Minkailu Koroma also explained that their aim as a movement was to have a reform rather than personal quest for power.

He said court case will never give them want they want but would rather hamper the peace and progress of the party.

He commended Alhaji Foday Osman Yansaneh, Honorable Chernor Ramadan Bah, DR. Ibrahim Bangura, the Veterans and a host of other members of the party, who strived to see that peace prevail.

Secretary General of the party, Alhaji Osman Yansaneh said reform is inevitable in the APC and that the Party should be and must be ready for positive reformation.

“If the party did not change some of its old systems, time will definitely change the system in the part,” he stated.

The Sectary General stated the APC will stand any test of time, adding that his Party still exist after several political parties have died in West Africa.