NRA trains staff on Anti-Smuggling Procedures


- rolls out ASYCUDA to Gbalamuya

Taxpayer-centricity and trade facilitation will become the new way of doing business in the Gbalamuya border post as NRA rolls out the Automated Systems for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) and trains 50 Customs staff on transit and anti-smuggling procedures. This ideology of putting the taxpayer first is part of a journey of transformation undertaken by the Authority to increase domestic revenue mobilization through improved business processes and service excellence.

The rolling out of ASYCUDA to Customs border posts follows the successful installation of the system in Freetown and Lungi. The ASYCUDA++ system was adopted in 2009 in an effort to modernise Customs operations to international standards to help combat transnational crime, deter illicit activities, ease compilation of trade statistics, protect revenue collection and facilitate trade. The computer software provides businesses with an electronic platform for the submission and processing of trade-related documents which will consequently improve system and valuation controls.

Awareness raising sessions have been held with key stakeholders including clearing agents and the general business community in Gbalamuya on the mechanism of the system since manual declarations will not be accepted for customs clearance at the end of the on-going pilot phase.

NRA Commissioner-General, Madam Haja Kallah-Kamara, has also announced plans to install mobile container scanners donated by the People’s Republic of China at the post to further cut cargo clearance times by reducing physical examinations. In April this year, she travelled to China to seek further support from the Chinese government on the installation of the scanners at the Gbalamuya post.

NRA’s management hopes that the complete rollout of the system at the Gbalamuya (Sierra Leone/Guinea) and Gendema (Sierra Leone/Liberia) border posts will have a positive impact on cross-border trade and further increase tax collection.