NRA nominee tells Lawmakers: ‘I’ll use carrot and stick approach to raise revenue’


June 5, 2018

By Mohamed Massaquoi

Dr. Samuel S. Jibao

The proposed Director General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) yesterday said that the only way to generate more revenue in Sierra Leone was by using carrot and stick approach.

Dr. Samuel S. Jibao was speaking during a parliamentary scrutiny by the Committee of Appointment and Public Service in the House of Parliament.

He told lawmakers his administration would focus on addressing revenue cleansing – comprehensive systems review – and a robust capacity building process that would be geared towards staff motivation to enhance productivity.

Dr. Jibao further told the committee that although the country is currently faced with huge revenue shortfalls, his administration would work assiduously to mobilise revenue for government to fully implement its policies and programmes.

He added that leakages within the economy were a major concern and that swift actions were needed to move the country away from economic bondage.

Dr. Jibao is an experienced public policy analyst with fifteen years of professional experience in tax policy and administration, macroeconomic modeling, forecasting and economic management and has demonstrated strong analytical and quantitative skills.

In an exclusive interview with Concord Times, Dr. Jibao noted that he was committed to providing superior service, work as a team player and meet strict deadlines with the ability to effectively supervise subordinates and relate to superiors.

“I have served as Revenue Advisor to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Sierra Leone, building core systems in Sierra Leone. I have also built the capacity of the revenue and tax policy division of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development for revenue policy, coordination and collection. I have  provided training to tax policy officials at MoFED on how to analyse tax data from ministries, departments and agencies, develop and improve the ministry department and agencies’ revenue forecasts, among other things,” he said.