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NPD Chair says corruption is celebrated in Sierra Leone

April 12, 2017 By Ibrahim Tarawallie

Interim Chairman and Leader of the National Progressive Democrats (NPD) yesterday stated that unlike other countries, corruption was being celebrated in Sierra Leone simply because some ministers and other members of society accused and convicted of corruption were being moved from one ministry and department to another, instead of them facing justice in court for their actions.

The NPD is one of the newest political parties to have gotten the approval of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), to contest the March 7, 2018 presidential, parliamentary and local council elections, after receiving registration certificate in February, this year.

During a presser hosted in the conference hall of the Sierra Leone Association of journalists (SLAJ), Almami Cyllah,  said those accused of corrupt practices were allowed to get off the hook without any form of prosecution.

Even though corruption is one of those issues that are so difficult to tackle anywhere in the world, Mr. Sillah noted that what makes it unique in Sierra Leone was that it has become a culture and cancer in society.

“Corruption is being celebrated in this country. Leaders and members of society that have been accused of certain corrupt practices are being moved from one ministry and department to another and sometimes promoted to higher positions instead of bringing them to justice. That is a bad thing to do,” he said.

With regard plans by the NPD to tackle corruption if they win the elections, Mr. Sillah, who was Commissioner of the National Electoral Commission during the 1996 elections, said the ordinary Sierra Leonean would be encouraged to be the watchdogs for corrupt practices in order to help bring culprits to book.

“Other countries around the world suffer from corruption but there is a legal system to address it. But in Sierra Leone when someone is caught, they are celebrated. That needs to change. We should not be going after people because we want to indict them but rather we should do so because it is the right thing to do,” he maintained.

On improving the healthcare system, the NPD Interim Chairman said they were determined to be sure that as long they were going to put much money into education, they would spend money to improve the health system in the country.

“The government doesn’t care about the health of the people. Because they have the opportunity to go overseas for treatment, they care less about improving our healthcare system. They live our young people, pregnant women and children to suffer,” he added.

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