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Noise pollution! Community residents displeased with Milla Group

By Alusine Sesay

Residents of Kissy Bye Pass Road in the eastern part of Freetown have expressed their displeasure over the negligence of Milla Group to fulfil   promises made to the community  in 2016,but continue to make life very much uncomfortable for people, with their generators creating a lot of disturbances for residents in that part of the city.

“Their generators have been a constant source of noise pollution for us the inhabitants of the houses that share fence with the company. The noise is so severe that sometimes it deprives us of sleep and making it impossible for our kids to study,” said one of the community residents, Saidu Kargbo.

In 2016, after engagement with community residents, the company promised, among other things, to build a cavity wall within a proposed perimeter fence they had wanted to construct, build a warehouse opposite the generator room within six months in order to reduce the air medium and vacuum to transmit the noise loudly, and put forward some financial compensation for affected persons.

But, according to Saidu Kargbo, the company only fulfilled some part of the promises including some repair works on some of the buildings affected by the vibration of the generator and the payment of the compensation to community people, but that the company has been reneging on solving the major issues that affect the community people.

He noted, however, that the community seized receiving the financial compensation after the company failed to fulfil the promise of creating a noise-free environment for residents.

He said in 2016, the company brought in generators that were a bit better and not noisy, but that in 2019 the company again started using the same old generators that have been creating serious disturbances for the community to date.

“The vibrations of the machines can also be felt in our rooms. At some point, even our walls were cracked by the constant vibrations. We have on so many occasions engaged the company on these issues and they have continually being making unfulfilled promises of relocating the generators,” he lamented.

“For years, we have been tutored by this noise. It appears we have exhausted all diplomatic channels and we intend to take some radical actions, but we thought it wise to first involve the media.”

When contacted, Managing Director of Milla Group,Mukesh Pate, told Concord Times that he would meet with the community leadership to chat the way forward on how they could handle the issue.

He noted that he was not aware of the problem, but promised to settle it amicably with the community people.

Chairman of the community,Senesie Mansaray,also confirmed the community’s proposed meeting with the management of the company.

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