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NOC urges SLAA to set date for congress

April 14, 2015 By Sahr Morris Jr.

Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone (NOC-SL), Joseph Nyande, has called on the Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) to unite and schedule a date for their elective congress.

Nyande’s call came just days after the SLAA General Secretary, Dauda Sundufu Sowa in a correspondence, reminded the association’s President, Abdul Karim Sesay and other executive members, including copying the NOC-SL, that their mandate (SLAA executive) was to expire on Friday 3rd April 2015 and that a constitutional procedure has to take place for another election to either re-new their mandate or give way to another executive.

However, Sowa’s reminder was immediately reacted to by the SLAA Vice President, Emeric Cole who stated in an email: “Mr. Sowa, the SLAA elective congress is scheduled for December 2015.”

The NOC-SL scribe also reacted to Sowa’s email saying: “Dear Mr. Sowa, acknowledging receipt of email. The NOC will be ready to attend when called upon. Wishing you a very smooth and successful process.”

Nevertheless, Cole’s reaction to Sowa’s earlier email forced the NOC-SL secretary general to call for unity and let the association fix a date for congress in accordance with their constitution.

“Dear Mr. Cole, acknowledging receipt of your email. Hope all of you could come together and come up with a date that will be convenient to your association based on your constitution. I am wishing you people a successful congress. The NOC will always assure you of its support at all times,” Nyande stated.

Already, the Karim administration is facing lots of criticisms for allegedly violating the SLAA constitution.

Last week the Marketing Officer and Organizing Secretary of the Western Area Athletics Association (WAAA), Samuel Jalloh, who also doubles as the President of Action Star Athletics Club (ASAC), accused Karim and Co of contravening Article 15(1) of the SLAA constitution.

Jalloh quoted: “The congress shall be the supreme body of the association and shall be held during the month of January each year at a time and place to be decided by the executive committee; and Article 15(3) states that a special congress may be convened on written request of two-thirds of members of the congress.”

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