NOC-SLE breaks silence over Athletics, Cycling mayhem  


February 24, 2017 By Sahr Morris Jnr


National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone (NOC-SLE) has finally broken silence over the power struggle within the Sierra Leone Athletics Association (SLAA) and the country’s National Cycling Association (NCA).

Both the SLAA and the NCA were recently engaged in power struggles that saw the emergence of a parallel executive recognised by the country’s Sports Ministry, while the incumbent bodies were recognised by their respectively international federations.

However, both the NOC-SLE President, Dr. Patrick Coker and his Secretary General, Joseph Nyande, has made it officially known  that they only recognised the incumbent SLAA executive headed by Abdul Karim Sesay and the NCA executive being govern  by Winston DC Crowther.

NOC-SLE President admitted that they were aware of the existing wrangling in both Associations, adding that their position as to whom they were working with, was based on the respective correspondence from their individual international Federations.

Reaffirming his president’s statement, the NOC-SLE Secretary General said they still recognised both Karim Sesay’s led administration and the Crowther’s presidency, because it was in line with the International Olympic Committee’s charter.

“The NOC-SLE recognise the incumbent of both Association because we have received letters from their respective international federations including reports and we will not work with any other administration until their International federations says otherwise” Nyande said and further cited regulations 27.1  & 28 of the Olympic Charter.

The regulations 27.1 of the Olympic Charter reads: “The mission of the NOCs is to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in their respective countries, in accordance with the Olympic Charter.”

While 27.2.1 &2.2 stated: “To promote the fundamental principles and values of Olympism in their countries, in particular, in the fields of sport and education, by promoting Olympic educational programmes in all levels of schools, sports and physical education institutions and universities, as well as by encouraging the creation of institutions dedicated to Olympic education, such as National Olympic Academies, Olympic Museums and other programmes, including cultural, related to the Olympic Movement; 2.2 to ensure the observance of the Olympic Charter in their countries.”

This latest statement from the top brass, NOC-SLE officials, has prompted reaction from the NCA Secretary General, Curtis Johnson, who occupied the same position in both the Crowther administration and the Percy Nicol’s executive. In just few words, Johnson said: “The ends justifies the mean.”