No light, no health centre, no transportation…


Pupils and residents of Koyeima cry for help

By Victoria Saffa

Pupils of the Government Secondary School for boys in Koyeima, Bo district, and residents of the township have called on the government, the school’s alumni and non-governmental organizations to provide them with a health centre, electricity and transportation.

Speaking to this reporter, senior prefect of the school, Francis Kamara, said the town lacks many basic amenities and as a result they feel marginalized by the government.

Kamara said the distance from the town to the school is quite long, and that some students have to walk for ten miles before they reach the school, a routine burden he says has caused many boys to drop out of school, especially those whose parents cannot afford to provide money for commercial bikes.

A community elder, Joseph Pessima, said they are yet to benefit from the free healthcare initiative of government because there is no health centre in the town. “Most of the pregnant women and sick people are normally taken all the way to Bo for medical treatment and the distance is very far,’’ he said.

He said that although the village is on the highway to Bo, the provincial and district capital, they have been connected on the power grid.

‘’I am therefore pleading with the government and other organizations to facilitate for us to get access to medical facility, especially for pregnant women and children, which is very important,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, Principal of the school, Max Katta said that despite the lack of basic facilities which in turn has made the school less attractive, his pupils are doing well in their academic work.
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