No child will miss examinations because of fees


…Bo District Chairman

February 28, 2019

By Joseph S. Margai

Chairman Joseph Munda Bindi is so pleased with President Bio’s free quality education

Chairman, Bo District Council, Joseph Munda Bindi, has lauded President Bio’s free quality education initiative, stating that no child would miss both internal and external examinations for fees.

The Chairman was speaking in an interview with Concord Times in his office in Bo town, last Wednesday (20th February, 2019), where he also stated that previously, pamphlets replaced textbooks in schools because parents and guardians could not afford to buy them for their kids.

He noted that since President Bio introduced the free quality education, textbooks have been supplied, thereby making a sudden comeback into the school system.

He said previously, head teachers used to drive away kids from school because of fees, adding that most people in our society today could not be educated simply  because their parents could not pay their fees.

“Enrolment has been increased in schools, which shows that fees was a major barrier to education in Sierra Leone. Despite this free quality education, we still have pocket of resistance from parents who prefer sending their children to sell wares on the street, thereby denying them the right to education,” he said.

He however noted that they were still doing public education and sensitisation so as to urge parents and guardians to send their children to school in order for them to benefit from this ‘golden opportunity’.

“We used government funds to fix up infrastructural programs for education in the district. At the moment, construction, rehabilitation, and extension of schools are going on in the entire district in order to support the free quality education,” he disclosed.

He also disclosed that the funds received for the first and second quarter of 2018 were used to fabricate furniture for some schools in the district.

Chairman Bindi said the council was aware of some schools and teachers that needed to be approved, adding that names have been submitted for approval with government seriously considering them.

“We are implementing a European Union (EU) funded project  which started in 2016 and will end in August 2019. Some of the programs in these projects include training teachers on new skills to teach, establishment of mothers’ club where women are taught to monitor their children at home and school, train board of governors for secondary schools and school management committees (SMCs) for primary schools, among others, he stated.

He said they were also helping vulnerable children, children orphaned by Ebola, and those whose parents are disabled.