Njala University Concludes two-day orientation for over 8,000 undergraduate freshmen


Njala University has on Friday 11th November 2022 concluded a two-day orientation for over 8,000 freshmen who had been admitted to the University’s various programmes for the 2022/2023 academic year.

The sessions began on Thursday 10th November 2022, at Njala Campus’ University Auditorium under the distinguished patronage of Professor Alieu Mohamed Bah, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Njala Campus.

It continued on Friday 11th November 2022, at the Bo Campus’ Towama Hall, under the esteemed patronage of Professor Mohamed Syed Fofanah, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Bo Campus and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Njala University.

The two-day session introduced the new entrants to staff and other students as well as the community, educational opportunities, and the rules and regulations of the University. It also allowed them to participate in academic counselling and learn about issues including student registration, the grading system, housing, campus activities, and other aspects of university life.

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Njala University, Professor Bashiru Mohamed Koroma, welcomed the new students and described this year’s admission as sensationally exceptional. He also congratulated them for surviving such trials.

He continued by advising the freshmen to never believe rumours about things they do not understand and to always seek the truth from the relevant University authorities.

While welcoming the freshmen to his campus, Professor Fofanah expressed his delight at having them and warned them that the adage that it is easier to enter Njala University than to leave did not apply to this year’s admission. He wished the new students well throughout their stay and prayed they would finish their various study programmes.

Professor Bah also gave a warm welcome to the new enrollees and complimented them for making it through the University’s admissions procedures, adding that it was not done to punish them but rather to follow procedure. He thanked the entrants for choosing Njala University and emphasised that their choice was excellent.

Presentations were given during the two-day orientation session by the Njala University Registrar, Dr. Muneer Jalloh, the Deputy Registrars on the University’s structure, Mr. Abu G. Kamara, the Deputy Registrar for Student Services on the Grading System and the Department’s functions, Professor Adolphus Johnson on Quality Assurance in the University, the Deans of Students on hostels and other campus activities, and the Director of Physical Plant Services on the University infrastructure, the Senior Medical Doctor on the health of students, the Finance Officers on the payment of fees and banking facilities, and several other important presentations by key University personnel were made.


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