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Nigerian prof. to deliver free lectures& test on Sickle Cell

January 17, 2020

A Nigerian Genetics, Professor Cyril Oroname Otoikhian, who is leading a fight to end sickle cell genetic in Africa, has collaborated with Prince Harrison Ehimiyen Foundation in Nigeria and Concord Times Communications to take the fight to Sierra Leone.

The Professor will be in Sierra Leone from the 20th to 25th January, 2020, to hold public lectures on sickle cell genetic and also perform free test on people living with the genetic in the country.

Professor Cyril Otoikhian (PhD) is a Professor of genetics and animal breeding, Professor and university lecturer at Novena University, Ogume, Nigeria and he is also the President and Founder of  the EO Foundation in Nigeria.

He is also an advocate of sickle cell eradication in Africa and human race, public health researcher with interest in genetic disorders and initiator and facilitator of project stop sickle cell in Africa.

The EO Foundation is based in Edo State in Nigerian with the mission to care for the poverty challenged persons, care for persons living with genetic disorder(s) (Sickle cell anaemia; cystic fibrosis; Down syndrome; colour blindness and others.

The vision of the Foundation is also to care for the needy and see an African world without sickle cell anemia.


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