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Nigerian Envoy hailed for unifying counterparts in Salone

July 23, 2020

By Hassan Gbassay Koroma

 NIDO Sierra Leone Chapter executive at the press conference

President of the Nigerian in Diaspora Organization (NIDO) Sierra Leone Chapter, Abiodun Oygbola, has stated that previous Nigerian High Commissioners to Sierra Leone did well during their tenure, but the current High Commissioner, Dr. Habiss Ibrahim Ugbada, stands out in the area of unifying Nigerians living in the country.

“The previous High Commissioners did well in their terms and they have different areas where they played significant roles, but in terms of fostering unity among Nigerians in the country, Dr. Habiss Ibrahim Ugbada stands out,” he said.  

He was on Tuesday 21st July, speaking at the NIDO Secretariat on Jomo Kenyatta Road, while addressing journalists on the things the Nigerian High Commissioner to Sierra Leone had done for which he is  worth celebrating.

He said as organization the High Commissioner had communicated to them that he had completed his three years assignment and that the Federal Government of Nigeria had called on him to return home, stating that as a body that has worked closely with him, they deemed fit to have a press conference to highlight some of the successes and celebrate his remarkable three years tenure in office.

He said when the High Commissioner took office, the first thing he did was bringing together all Nigerians living in Sierra Leone, adding that he invited to a meeting the four prominent Nigerian Unions in Sierra Leone that had been operating independently until the enactment of a law by the Federal Government of Nigeria that established NIDO worldwide.

He said the call back home envoy played a great role in the peaceful institution of the NIDO Executive in Sierra Leone, adding that the inauguration NIDO executive was total celebration, because it brought together all Nigerians living in Sierra Leone.

 He said it is on record that the inauguration was the biggest and the best compared to other NIDO chapters across the world, thus thanking the High Commissioner for marking it happened that way.

President Abiodun Oygbola said the envoy also made effort to bringing  back  the old Nigerian Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce that has not been functional for a very long time, and that as Nigerians living in Sierra Leone they are very grateful that it is now fully functional.

He said the outgoing envoy has made lots of effort to improving the relationship between the Government of Nigeria and Sierra Leone, noting that to date the two governments are doing well for each other.

 He said for a very long time now no Nigerian citizen living in Sierra Leone has been harassed and that they believe that it was due to the effort of the High Commissioner that Nigerians are given more respected in the country.

He said during the mudslide disaster in the country, the Envoy went on ground to coordinate effort from Nigeria to the government and people of Sierra Leone, noting that it was well handled and worth to be celebrated as well.

He said in the area of settling dispute among Nigerians during the three years term of Dr. Habiss Ibrahim Ugbada, there was no record of Nigerian taking fellow Nigerian to court over dispute.

 He said there were issues among Nigerians, but were always  amicably settled by the High Commission, which, he said, also worth celebrating.

He said Dr. Habiss Ibrahim Ugbada was the only High Commissioner who took time to visit Nigerian businesses across the country -to have a direct feel of how they were doing in the country and listened to their concerns.

He said the commissioner also facilitated the movement of Nigerians in Sierra Leone who wanted to go back home but don’t have money, adding that he also provided the platform for Nigerians living in the country to renew their passports here in Sierra Leone without travelling to Nigeria.

He said he also worked with the Government of Sierra Leone to increase the number of medical TAC members to work in Sierra Leone, and that when some Nigerians shops and businesses were destroyed by fire at the Sani Abacha Street, he visited and donated some cash to the victims.

However, other executive members of Nigerian In Diaspora Organization also say lots of good things about the call home High Commissioner and stated that they wise the Federal Government of Sierra Leone will give him a second time to serve in Sierra Leone that will enable him finish the good work he has already started in Sierra Leone.

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