Nigeria Igbo Union donates 50bags of cement to Gloucester community

October 21, 2019

By Yusufu S. Bangura


Assistance Secretary of NIU Eke Emmanuel handing over the receipt to Chief

As they celebrate the union festival on Sunday, 27th October, 2019, the Nigerian Igbo Union (NIU) based in Sierra Leone, last Friday donated 50bags of cement to the Gloucester community to develop the road network.

Speaking during the donation, Assistant Secretary of NIU, Eke Emmanuel, said the union was founded in 1926 in Sierra Leone mainly to help the underprivileged people in the country and  maintain the relationship that have existed between Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

He explained that they have over 500 Nigerians in Sierra Leone that make up of the union.

He said they chose to support the community because they have a hall at the community where they normally do their programs.

He continued that the donation of cement to the community was part of their mandate, thus adding that they would try as hard as possible to develop the community as the road network in the community is nothing to write home about.

He noted that they have supported a lot of development in the country and have visited orphanage homes, the aged and were planning to build hospital and secondary school for the Gloucester people.

“We have been doing developmental project in this community, like the maintenance of the road. I also want them to know that the union will continue to support them in whatever they are doing. I want to advise them to use the cements in a proper way and after it we can see what next to do,” he said.

Chief of Gloucester Community, Pa Komrabai Koroma thanked the union for their support towards the development of the community.

He said some weeks back, the union had a meeting with them in which they promised to help the community in the maintenance of the road.

 “I am glad to receive the 50bags of cement, because we need people who can develop our community and because of the bad road network cars were not able to reach down the community. But with  support from the union at the end of the year we would boast of good road,” he said.

He continued that the Nigerian Igbos were the only people that have supported them since he inherited the throne, thus encouraging them to always consult the community authorities whenever they  want to render any support to them.