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Nicaragua votes in elections panned as ‘parody’ by international observers

After an iron-fisted crackdown on opposition voices this year, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is widely expected to claim a fourth consecutive term at the polls this weekend, alongside his vice president and wife Rosario Murillo.
The vote is the first for Nicaragua since a wave of popular demonstrations in 2018 rattled the country, and the Ortega government is taking no chances, having spent the past months blocking political participation of potential rivals and closely controlling the electoral process.
Several possible candidates for the presidency have been detained in recent months. Journalist and former candidate Cristiana Chamorro Barrios — whose mother defeated Ortega at the polls in 1990 — was placed under house arrest this summer on nebulous charges (which she denies) over her management of a nonprofit. Her cousin, economist Juan Sebastián Chamorro García, who was…

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