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New water treatment plant for Allen Town

By Matthew Jabby

Commercial Manager of Guma Valley Water Company, Maada Kpenge, has assured residents of Allen Town in the far eastend of Freetown that they will soon have access to regular pipe borne water supply.

Allen Town portrays a grim reminder that thousands of Freetown’s residents do not have access to clean pipe borne water, with many heavily reliant on fetching water from untreated boreholes.

But according to Mr. Kpenge, that will soon be a thing of the past as a new water treatment plant would soon be completed to ameliorate the water and sanitation needs of residents.

He said that the treatment plant has a capacity of 3.2MLD, which according to him, though not enough to serve every household in the district, but will go a long way to ease the suffering of many.

He said that although the facility has been commissioned, most of the distribution network which distributes water to households is not quite ready.

“Guma Valley is now fast-tracking the pipe-laying work in the Allen Town community to ease the stress on the people,” he said, adding that the new treatment plant would source water from both the dam at Charlotte and four bore holes at Grafton.

“The system is designed in this way because as the flow of the Orugu River reduces in the dry season, the supply of raw water to the facility can be augmented from the Grafton boreholes and pumping facility,” he said.

However, he revealed the Charlotte dam is currently clogged up as a result of road work on the Regent-Grafton road, and that huge boulders, trees and loose soil have been dumped into the river channel, rendering the water virtually unusable.

He explained that to address the problem, the public water company will have to expand the dam wider and higher to be able harvest more water.

He said size of the pipeline from Charlotte to Allen Town would be enlarged to increase the amount of water transported to the Allen Town treatment plant.

He advised that upstream human activities should be minimised if the water collection points were to remain viable.

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