New SLRSA ED assures President Bio


May 26, 2020

Ibrahim Sannoh

The newly appointed Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA), Ibrahim Sannoh, has on Friday shared his vision in an exclusive interview with Concord Times, at his Kissy Road office where he promised to diligently serve and make President Bio proud.

“I will never be one of the people that will do anything otherwise against the desire of President Bio for younger people. I will not give the cause by the grace of God. One thing that I am sure of is that he has passion for young people, he believes that younger people will bring the turnaround for socio economic development. I will definitely be one of the pivots for that and with the opportunity given me here, I will ensure to calibrate it further, intensify it positively and create a way for young people to also be selected or be favoured under his dispensation. Young people are the drivers of change and we have to be seen being the drivers of change,” Ibrahim Sannoh, Executive Director, Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority.

Sannoh told Concord Times that principal among the drivers for change is that “corruption should not even be something you have to think about. You have to be steadfast, self-disciplined, humble and above all you have to be honest in whatever you are doing.”

“Part of what I will be doing and principal among them is that I will be conducting myself well in public. I will make sure that I dispense my work diligently and to the glory of God, to my family, to the country and not to ever let President Bio down. My appointment will serve as a barometer for several other young people’s appointment,” he said.

 He expressed the desire for young people to be celebrated as being pivotal to the development of the country, thus calling on them to be the drivers of change.

“I want the younger people to know that we are the drivers of change and gone are the days when they will misuse us as tools to do the dirty work and we are not at the helm of effecting development. This is the time when young people should have faith in President Bio. Young people ought to be celebrated. As am sitting here I want to be honoured, elated and celebrated. I want to be epitomised by many other young people, to always reference me that Sannoh had the opportunity and he delivered,” Sannoh reiterated.

Within the first hundred days of his appointment,Sannoh promised to focus on what he referred to as ‘quick fix’ on policy orientation, stakeholder engagement and enforcement of policies.

Foremost among his priorities, he said, he will ensure the reduction of accident and road crashes across the country.

He said plans are underway to formulate a vehicle entrance policy, to include road safety in the school curriculum so as to ensure road safety becomes a norm among citizens, adding that he would liaise with Standards Bureau to enhance the standards of spare parts that are coming into the country.

On the institution’s contribution towards the fight against Covid-19, he said they have engaged various stakeholders including Drivers Union, Keke Riders and commercial Motorbike riders.

He said his institution has undertaken an awareness raising program that, as at Monday, May 25th, people will be reprimanded for failing to put on face mask before they board any commercial vehicles.

On the issue of right hand drive vehicles, he said bthere is already a policy that already prohibits the licensing of right hand drive vehicles in the country.

He said they were currently engaging drivers across the country to see the need to reinstate measures put in place to get rid of metal seats and derelict vehicles coming into the country.

The newly appointed Executive Director said the issue of driver’s license has been settled and that those who had received six months license could now access the five years license at free of cost.

To curtail illegal packing of vehicles, he said they want to apply a community based approach wherein they would establish a toll free line for people to alert the institution about the issue wherever it is pervasive.

He said although there are challenges with patrol vehicles for the Road Safety Corps, clamps, among others, they are working tirelessly to ensure the menace is gotten rid of.

He said they are planning on getting a crusher that would be crushing some abandoned vehicles and do away with the scrap.