New NRA Board Chair vows to implement tax laws


July 23, 2018

By Jariatu S. Bangura

New NRA Board Chair Madam Tuma Adama Jabbie

Newly approved Board Chair of the National Revenue Authority, Madam Tuma Adama Jabbie, has assured lawmakers that she would ensure all laws pertaining to the payment of taxes are implemented to the letter.

Speaking outside Parliament after her approval, Ms. Jabbie said she was more than willing and skillful with laws that deal with taxes in the country, noting that though there are plethora of laws, there are many leakages in revenue collection.

“There are many leakages and to tighten those screws, it is about time we tried to train staff of the National Revenue Authority, and to also encourage and sensitise the public about the tax laws. Let them know that there are laws that should be followed to the letter. I will make sure that tax laws are implemented. I am calling on all authorities concerned to encourage the public to pay all taxes that are needed to be paid as the betterment of the country relies mainly on those taxes. We will use those monies to develop the country. We are now tired of the international communities bailing us out. If we pay our taxes they will not come to bail us out,” she said.

She stated that as a Lawyer and Lecturer in Tax Revenue Law, she would ensure if there are other policies that the NRA needs to follow, they would be enforced, while all loopholes would be closed.

She promised to make the Authority more robust in achieving their set targets.