New IMC chief promises to sell press to business community


October 26, 2018

By Jariatu S. Bangura

New IMC Chairman, George Khoryama

The newly approved Chairman of the Independent Media Commission (IMC), George Khoryama, has promised to market the press to business Community.

“My first step as chairman will be to market the press to business community as it is high time the community have interest in the press.  Though there might be challenges but there will be some sacrifices that would be taken. There are many newspapers in circulation. I think we need to minimise registration. It is difficult but I will try. We are going to encompass everything that concerns the press, be it the advertising or training,” he said.

Talking on the issue of advertisers not paying on time, the new IMC chief said he was going to review the advertisement section in the IMC Act and that he would be very active in using the commission’s code of ethics.

He expressed optimism that the previous commissioners were more than willing to help him in that direction.

He commended President Bio for reposing such confident in him and the ten vibrant commissioners that will be working with him at the IMC.

“We are going to work for the welfare of journalists with the cooperation of SLAJ. I know what it takes to be a journalist as I have been in the field for over thirty years. We are going to work towards that,” he said

He noted that President Bio had promised to review the Criminal Libel law and that journalists should be ready to prove themselves beyond reasonable doubts, hence such would only be possible if they were better trained.

He said training would help journalists to carry out their jobs effectively and efficiently.

The new IMC chair said journalists have to be more professional by doing the right thing rather than chasing money, thus blaming media owners for the deplorable conditions of service, but promised to look into it with keen interest.

“I am going to work with the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists to improve on the conditions of service for journalists. I have been one of the oldest journalists, and I have been working with SLAJ and I have also attended all their AGMs. I was surprised when I saw my name on the nomination list as I have been in all aspects of SLAJ. If SLAJ is ready to work with me, I have a good plan for journalists. I have an open mind and I am ready to work,” he said.

He called on all especially SLAJ to assist him and his commissioners  succeed.