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New England OC resolves community impasse

May 15, 2019

Supreintendent Kamara Sandwiched by community members

The newly assigned Officer in Charge of the New England Ville Police Station, Superintendent Issa Kamara has yesterday amicably resolved a long standing impasse among residents of Ormolay Bush  in the New England Ville community.

The Ormolay Bush community is one of the most deprived communities in Freetown, but there has been serious a tussle between the Sub-Chief of the Limba Tribal Head, Chief Albert Conteh, and some youthful residents in regards to the election of chairman.

Also, there was a tussle as to who should manage a mini water dam that was constructed by the former Member of Parliament representing both New England Ville, part of Brookfield’s and Dwarzark,Hon.Amadu Fornah.

Some youthful community members were aggrieved that Chief Conteh has been in control of the dam from inception without effecting any visible development, hence eventually removed the management of the said dam from him.

After the above decision was reached at, the community members also elected a chairman that would spearhead development, but the chief and his cabal vehemently opposed the move on the grounds that they were not duly informed.

There were allegations hinging on threatening remarks and witchcraft for which the chief and some of his elders were reported to the New England Ville Police.

At the police station, Chief Albert Conteh vehemently denied the allegations and stated that as pioneer of development in that community, he would never stand in the way of whosoever wanted to follow his footstep. He told the police that he was only aggrieved with some youth who were branding him as one of the people that were against development in the community.

Everybody, including the newly elected Chairman of the community,Yakuba Fofanah,were given the opportunity to explain their own side of the story.

Using his vast experience as police officer, the Officer in Charge, Supreintendent Issa Kamara used a community policing approach to amicably resolve the matter.

He cautioned both parties to work together in the interest of the community and as well called on the youthful residents to respect the authority of the chief and his elders.

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