New Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone


March 28, 2019

By Austin Thomas

Momodu Wudie Program Manager NAYCOM
Amb. Hu Zhangliang

After a successful stint in working in Sierra Leone Ambassador Wu Peng left for another assignment beginning of this month to usher in his successor Ambassador Hu Zhangliang who will take up office at the end of this month.

Ambassador Hu Zhanliang born in 1973, previously worked as the division director of the Department of African affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the deputy mayor of Rushan City in Shandong Province and the counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom.

In December 2013, he was appointed as the counselor of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa.

In February 2015, Hu Zhangliang was appointed as spokesperson in the Chinese South Africa in partnership with Counselor Ms. Pan Peng.

Ambassador Hu has wealth of experience in diplomacy and has worked in many English countries that have given him the advantage in the language.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said he is expecting Ambassador Hu to excel in Sierra Leone as he says they hold this embassy in high esteem because of the history between the two countries.