NDA Peace Building Committee ends peace tour


September 7, 015 By Victoria Saffa

Members of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) party have concluded a three-day peace building tour in the three provincial capitals of Bo, Kenema and Makeni.

The purpose of the peace tour was to bring sanity and stability among members ahead of the party’s convention next year, according to party sources.

Speaking during the tour, peace building leader, Alhaji Ahmed Jalloh, said the party had been in existence for about 20 years.

“We need peace in the party because since 2007 we have not held any convention and it is unconstitutional,” he said. “We are now determined because we see peace as expedient now than ever and we have plan to take governance.”

Jalloh revealed that they have set up three peace building committees in Bo, Kenema and Makeni and that members of the party should regard the party as superior to individuals who do not have peace in their minds.

Also, Secretary General of the Peace Building Committee, Saa Mackaimekoe Famanda, said the party believes in peace and that they could only achieve their goals if they discontinued infighting.

“This is why we are in the provinces calling on our members to embrace peace for the furtherance of the part,” she said, adding that the party was unable to present a candidate for the presidential election in 2012 due to infighting.

Ms. Famanda added that as a party they know the other political parties that have ruled this country do not have the interest of the country or moving it forward, noting that “this is why we are calling on NDA members to end the internal fighting and embrace peace”.